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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bird on a Branch - a Thank You card - SW0021


Size: 10.0cm x 11.0cm
Price: INR 129/-
Code: GC0021

Please email me at or
I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)

This was my experiment with quilled bird. I tried to make one similar to the ones in Lin's blog, however, couldn't succeed much. Thus, I modified my design and made the following bird. I prepared one more small bird which I haven't used yet. Anyway, I also used punched out paper strap in the card, glued Rhine-stones to the flower centers and used glitter pens to design the inside of the flowers. I have added a Rhine-stone as an eye of the bird. I stamped the "Thank you!" and applied it using double-sided foam tape.

I made an Envelobox for this card.

I am sure you love the bird and the card.

♥ ~ GG

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