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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sneak Peek - My Signature Bookmark

It's been quite a bit of time that I have sincerely blogged. Failing to have sufficient energy and patience to write or craft. Yeah, I am maintaining my diary of course. I love to use pen than the keyboard :) I broke my camera too so that has restricted me to take pics of my work in progress too. Finally I decided to take pic with my mobile phone. They do not come so well, but it's OK to click pics with it than not clicking pics at all.

Anyway, I have been preparing bookmarks for the National Quilling Swap that I am participating in. Well, this is the first time I am preparing a bookmark so have been struggling for ideas. I finally came up with my version and I call it my signature style. 

Here's a sneak peek of my bookmark work in progress:

First I quilled 24 flowers with 4mm quilling strips of 3 colors that I had bought from Itsy Bitsy.

 Then I punched out 24 white medium white color flowers and then another 24 small red flowers which I glued to the white ones.

Here's my set of eccentric flowers.

 Then I glued the punched out flowers to the eccentric flowers. And made my first signature bookmark sample. If you would notice there is a projection in the top side. That's my style.

 Cut out 48 card stock straps for my bookmarks.

The top 24 card stocks are scored for the projection.

Now the hardest part came - the punching of flowers in the card stocks. It was the most horrible experience I have so far. I literally had blood clot in my right hand palm with which I was pressing the top of the flower punch so hard. I have decided will never ever punch so much in card stocks. I punched out 144 medium size flowers in the card stocks. And I have done some small flower punches too (as you see in my signature style bookmark sample) and still I have to do 121 punches. Ah!! now I am praying God to help finish this project soon. The corner rounding is still pending too.

Would post the final pic of all the 23 bookmarks once they all are done.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Hope you enjoy my work.

♥ ~ GG


GHAZALA said...

wow lovely flowers !eagerly waiting for the finished work........

Giftarts said...

wow... lovely work... eagerly waiting for yr BMs...
Hey next time never punch CS as they very thick... take care...

Suchitra said...

Great effort dear ... these look soo unique ... :) :) :)

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