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Friday, May 11, 2012

My Signature Bookmarks - for the Swap

So, I am participating in a bookmark swapping event where in we would be swapping our bookmarks with each other. I registered for it but had no idea what to make and how. All I could remember is Lin’s quilled teddy bear bookmarks. I love those bookmarks. I have seen many other bookmarks. And personally I have a huge collection of bookmarks that range from printed paper book marks to metal bookmarks. I love them. Whenever I purchase books I make sure the shopkeeper gives me a good amount of bookmarks and that too whatever designs he has. 

Now, when it comes to quilled bookmark I always wonder how the quilled designs sustain under the pressure of the papers and the books – don’t they look odd with some pages bulging. Well, that made me to look out for ideas. Initially I thought I would go for a twist with the origami version of the bookmarks. However, I wanted a version where I can implement Lin’s punched bookmark ideas. And thus I came up with my version of bookmark – GG's Signature Bookmark.

Before I prepared these 23 bookmarks, I had experimented with a different design. Here's how the bookmark looks in a book:

Here's how the bookmark looks that I made for the swap:

In my design there is a little projection at the top of around 4mm size, which remains above the books’ top. And above that projection there is a small area where in you can put your quilled design. And the bottom portion of the projection remains inside the book. Thus, it allows the quilled design to remain intact, without getting damaged by the books papers. This way I have my quilling and my punching work both in one bookmark.

The punching work was painful of course. About the punched flowers, I have used small and medium punch of same flower design. The medium flower is punched in the bookmark strip. And the small flower I have punched in a separate strip of same color. Then I simply took the small flower and pasted it on the punched medium flower. Here's a close of the punch work:

(I had to increase the contrast so that you could see the punch work properly even though the effect doesn't look cool)

Hope you like my bookmarks. Here are the 23 bookmarks that I have prepared for the swap.

(The color of the card stock in this pic is the true color; I think that's because I took the snap too close)

(This one shows true colors)

(This one shows almost the true colors)

I thought I would put it into the re-sealable bags I have, however the bookmarks are way too long for the bags, so have to courier these as is. I would be sending it to Gopi in a couple of days.

What do you think of the design?? Do let me know your thoughts and feedback about it.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

♥ ~ GG


Sujana Sarath said...

Hey Gayathri,
Very Pretty!!! I liked you concept of your bookmark.

GHAZALA said...

hi dear! lovely bookmarks !good colour combination

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