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About SW

Hello! Welcome to SW!

To introduce myself - I am Gayatri Go(a)uda (GG) as you see in my profile. I am working as a Senior Software Engineer now and in my spare hours I indulge myself in various forms of arts. 'Quilling' is one of those. Crafting gives makes my soul happy and it keeps my mind busy so it doesn't become a devil's workshop.

I have been making greeting cards since I was a small kid. Making hand-made cards and presenting it those on New year has been my favorite activity. Every year my parents would bring us some color papers, card stocks, velvet papers, embellishments, lace and me along with my 2 siblings used to experiment with those and prepare cards for every friend and families we knew.

That hobby is still alive and I am working on my skills to make my quality products. I started learning this art form somewhere during the end of 2010.  LHGC, Inna's Creations, Miyyah@Kertas, Simple Rhyme are some of my inspirations for this.

Initially I was making cards on occasions where I have to gift it to some of my friends and colleagues. Post marriage, my hubby saw my work one day and insisted me to enhance my skills and said not everyone gets a gifted hand for such neatness. I would give most of the credit to my husband for this website, for he is the one who supported me in realizing my dreams.

Keep visting for different creations from me using this art. Not just greeting cards but many other products.

Thanks for visiting the website!!

I wish you have a wonderful and lovely time ahead. God Bless You!!

P.S. Soon I am going to change the website name.

♥ ~ Gayatri Gouda
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