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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jolly’s Signature Flower - "The Fairy Wings"

It’s a very special day for me - "12th May 2012" as it was my 3rd marriage anniversary. And it was a great surprise for me when in the morning I woke up I saw my sister, Jolly (Suchitra) in front of me holding presents. I never ever expected that she would come from Hyderabad to Bangalore just for my anniversary. I could not stop crying when I realized that it’s truly her in front of me and it’s not just my imagination. All night I was dreaming of what I would present her on her upcoming b’day and here she is standing in front of me with her special handmade gift. 

She brought me sweets, chocolate and her special handmade greeting card. She chose this day to introduce her signature flower to me and to the world. We have given it a name "The Fairy Wings" flower. We have given the name since the flower looks too delicate, just like the wings of a fairy. 

Here’s the card she presented me with her signature flower:
(This picture shows the original color of the card elements)

She packed it in a gorgeous pouch with my favorite Temptation chocolate. She even made this gorgeous envelop herself. 

Here's how "the Fairy Wings" flower looks like:

I simply love the flower. It looks gorgeous when made with a 1.5-2mm strip, as it looks even more delicate.

She also made the card a pop up card with my favorite pop-up heart:

Gorgeous!! Isn’t it?? I am totally impressed with this piece of work.

About her signature flower there's an interesting story behind inventing it. She would post about it in her blog Switch Arts (Here's the link to her story behind inventing the flower: "The Fairy Wings"). Do visit her blog for some of the beautiful cards she has made!!

It was an enjoyable weekend with all my family members around me. And I love my presents. Oh!! I Love you sis... You made this day very very very special for me and memorable!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

♥ ~ GG


Suchitra said...

I love you toooo.... :)

Sujana Sarath said...

Hey Gayathri,
Belated Happy wedding anniversary!!Your sis is very sweet.
BTW I am not able to see any of the photos posted.Please recheck!!

Gayatri Gauda said...

Thank you Sujana for notifying!! It was the album properties in picasa that was stopping anyone from seeing the pictures... Take a look now and let us know what do you feel about the flower my sis invented...

Teddie Seeley said...

What a wonderful surprise, for you on your anniversary, to have your sister as a gift.

Happy anniversary.


Gayatri Gauda said...

:) Thanks Teddie!!

Sujana Sarath said...

Very pretty card!. I liked the sliceform heart as well!!
Very Happy for both the sisters ;)

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