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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sneak Peek - of My New Card with Misting Technique

The day have been very tiring and busy. A lot of time I spent just reading blogs today. And then in my mind I have been wishing to participate in some blog challenges and CraftJC and ICR challenges are at the top list. I have been scanning my mind for some creative idea. Alas!! No luck from past few days. 

Today morning while watching the sunrise, I got it. The idea clicked; thought not so clear. However, I had a vague picture of what to do. Now, I had the idea but the ICR challenge seemed a bit tough, since they have asked for misting technique. Now, I don't have the water color with me at the moment. And honestly I don't have that patience to search for the stuff in the packing, since we have just shifted to our new house. So, that's the one that took a lot of time to sort out. 

I was preparing all the other items needed for my card, and suddenly I remembered my stamping inks. Eureka!! I got it. I got the idea and thus, used my stamping color pads, distressed stamping inks to make some patterned paper. It worked very well. So, I have got my misting done. 

My Misting Pattern Paper

And now comes to my favorite part - quilling. I decided I would use crimped strips to do some design. I have never used to crimped paper to form some shape earlier. So, it was first time. And I got my new quilling design done.

Now, came the card design part. I am working on it still. Also, have to decide how to place and where to place the 'Happy Holi' punch line. I am also planning to make a 'Happy B'day' card with similar design.

Here's a sneak peek to what I have done so far:

My Crimped Paper Quilling Design and other Items for the Card

I would post the finished card picture probably by tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading this post!!

♥ ~ GG

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