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Friday, March 16, 2012

A Gorgeous Heart and Birdies - a Special Love Card


Size: A5 

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So, finally I've finished the love card and handed it over to my dear friend – my first official customer after Serene Waves became open for all.

Well, I have already provided a sneak peak on the card. However, I must say the finished design is much more beautiful than the sneak peak.

In the background there are 2 design papers. The pink one is hand painted paper. And the white one is the Archies printed glitter paper. The black one is a card stock attached to the quilled heart. The spiral is quilled using pearl quilling strips. The cute little bird’s eye is green gem stone. And the 'I Love You' tag is again printed on pearl sheet.

The card looks gorgeous on the dark pink card stock, isn’t it?

Now, let's have a look at the inside of the card...

The inside of the card has 4 punched flowers on the white sheet. The center of the flowers has mirror chamkis. The lace is one that I got from my friend. The lace came with a Swarovski necklace my friend bought. And thus the lace has the logo of the brand and looks beautiful. I added an embossed butterfly - dome sticker - to the joint of the lace and applied some silver glitter around the sticker. The photo couldn’t capture the glitter part very well.

Anyway, the card looks gorgeous and my sister seems to have fallen for the card ;-)

Here's a collage of all the different angles of the card:

So, what do you think of my card? 

You may give it some rating, g+1 it, provide some of your valuable comments and/or tick mark one of the labels in the bottom section of this post.

I am looking forward to your thoughts.

Thanks for dropping by!!

P.S. The quilled heart is an inspiration from Lin's handmade cards.

♥ ~ GG


Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Unable to comment on the blog but this is EXQUISITE!

Suchitra Gouda said...

Nice Effort Sis ... Looks great!!

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