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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sneak Peek - of My First Quilled Frame design

As informed earlier I am quilling a framed design for the first time and I have prepared all the items needed for it. However, finding a suitable design to inculcate the items is a big headache. This enables me to search in internet for a great design, however, couldn't find anything distinguishable. Finally I decided now it's time that I should take my pen and pencil to draw a design myself. and I have come up with several of designs. Now the difficult part which of the design to go with? And yes I am experimenting with some of the designs by simply placing the items in the card stock and playing probability statistics with these... :)

Here's a non-glued version of my design:

I am still working on the finalizing the design. Would post the picture of the final design, probably, tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

Hope you love the sneak peak!!

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time to read this post!

♥ ~ GG

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