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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sneak Peek 2 - of My New Card with Misting Technique

Yesterday had been very tiring. So many things were to be done and I did them optimally too. Y'day I set up the design and layout of my little sister's blog - "Switch Arts". She is not techie when it comes to HTML or web designing. But ask her anything about gadgets, machines and she would have the answer in seconds. So, here's her blog - Switch Arts. You must be wondering, "why the name Switch Arts?". Well, she said she is popular as Switch by her friends. They turned her name Suchitra to Switch

Anyway, I posted a sneak peak of whatever I could do of my Holi card in my busy schedule. Now, here's another sneak peak of what I have done with the items I created y'day. I am planning to use the Itsy Bitsy glittered punched letters

I also, prepared the layout of the card. Honestly, the card without the quilling and the embellishments looks cool itself. However, I am in love with quilling and how can I leave a piece without it! So... here, have a look at the sneak peek:

Thanks for visiting my post. I would update the full card picture by evening. I hope with the power cut going on Bangalore, I would be able to post it on time.

♥ ~ GG

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