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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beehived Heart - a Love Card

Size: A5

I had finished this card yesterday. However, the electricity problem prohibited me from posting about it.

Here’s my final beehived heart card – “Just for you”. I have used punched flowers for the card too. The punched flowers are embossed so that it gives them dimension. The centre of the flowers is made with 1.5 mm red strips. The leaves and stamen are made with 3 mm light green strips. The heart with the thought “Just for you” is stamped. About the beehived heart, the red strips are of 4 mm size and the white border is of 3 mm size. In the collage picture you can see the difference between the red strip dimension and the white strip’s dimension. The black punched borders are sunburst punch.

In the inside I have used clear stamp and wooden stamps to form the circle stamp and a dragonfly. You can write your thoughts or some quote in the circle. The border is again sunburst punch.

The size is half of US Letter card stock i.e. half of A4 size paper.

Here’s the collage of different details of the card:

(Click on the picture to see larger view. Or open in new tab/window and zoom to see the details.)

I made an Envelobox for it and decorated it.

(Will post the pictures soon)

I love this card. How do you like it? Please drop your comments about it.

♥ ~ GG


Neha said...

Hey Gayatri! This card is beautiful :) I especially loved the unique shape of the heart. Its lovely!

Gayatri Gauda said...

Thank you Neha!! I love the shape too... :)

Hussena said...

Wow!!1 such a beautiful card gayatri ....i love the details and the way you have made those embossed flowers nice dimension:)

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

A very pretty card Gayatri! Love everything about it, specially that tiny dragonfly inside :)

Gayatri Gauda said...

Thank you Hussena!! I love embossing.. however, the problem is I am always short of ideas how to use embossing.. This one just clicked.. :)

Gayatri Gauda said...

Thank you Pritesh!! I too love dragonflies as they are called fairies in some tales :)

Bhavana said...

beautiful gayatri..

Christine Thamotheram said...

The card is breathtakingly beautiful.
Would love to have you visit my blog and stay a while if you like what you see.

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