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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tip for Bloggers who post Pictures

I have been facing a common problem while browsing; especially when hopping through blogs. And that is very heavy sites. People now a days very much share their personal pics, pictures of their works and their creations. They click the pictures with mostly digital cameras which obviously captures every details. And obviously thus the picture size increases. Now, it irritates me when a page takes a lot of time to load because of the pictures in it. And honestly I don't have patience to wait to see some picture downloading at snails rate. And I don't want to waste my bandwidth for watching those heavy pics. Thus, most of the time I just close the site without reading anything or watching the pics in it.

My blogs do have a lot of pics, be it my personal blog or my creations blog. And I make sure my website always open faster. To make it happen I always make copies of my pics that I want to upload in a separate folder. And then I open those pics one by one in Microsoft Paint and simply save it. Now, this reduces your picture size to a great extent. And since the pics are digital pics, if there is a certain bit loss in picture quality it is unnoticeable. Now, I do the same thing with the collage pictures too. When we create a collage picture the picture size usually becomes much more; and when you save it with MS Paint it reduces it to almost half of its size. Since I make copies of the pics, I delete the copies after I upload those to the web.

Thus, my tip to the bloggers is make copy of your pics and save it with MS Paint before uploading those to your blogs. If you are watermarking your pics after you save the pics with MS Paint, save it with MS Paint again. You would notice that the size is reduced even more.

Now, this also applies to other websites which you use for business purposes. If its really necessary to show high quality pics then uploading the high quality digital pictures is fine.

Hope it helps you get your website stream faster and thus helps you get more visitors.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

P.S. People who have a good broadband speed do not face much streaming problem, however, people who use the stick the pic size obviously impacts your bandwidth.

♥ ~ GG


Suchitra said...

Thanks for the tip Sis ... Will follow it from now on ... :)

GHAZALA said...

useful information! thanks for the tip!

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