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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Multicolored Fringed Flowers Card - SW0004


Size: 21.5cm x 10.0cm
Price: INR 180/-
Code: GC0004

Please email me at or
I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)

This was my first experiment to quill a creeper plant. Initially I thought I would use same colored flowers. But while placing the flowers and leaves, I just felt like making it multicolored. This is the result of the experiment. 

I thought of making a quilled butterfly too, but I hadn't learnt that and I had the shiny butterfly embellishment, so used that instead. I also like the red white strip with a twirl of golden strip and the shape of card too.

In the background I used Archies glitter patterned paper. The paper was for gift wrapping and a bit costly too. But I use it for my cards now. It brings out the color of the design so well, that whoever has seen the card personally has appreciated it very much. Also, I love the silver stars in the paper. They look gorgeous.

Here's how the inside looks:

Here's a collage of all the different angles of the card:

I have made a box for packaging the card as the flower has some dimension. The box top cover has a triangle cut out, so that it works as aperture box. The ribbon is attached to the top of the box cover, so that you can tie the box with the ribbon.

Packed it in an A4 size resealable bag.

♥ ~ GG

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