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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

'I ♥ U' - a Special Love card - SW0017

This is valentine card that I made for my friend. Actually me and my friend Shabarish Gupta, both contributed to the card. He made it for her friend who presented it to her boyfriend.


Initially we just cut out the heart from the card stock and cut out a bigger heart from the handmade paper I have to glue it to the inside of the card. Then we glued a strip to the outline of the card. We made quilled open heart from different colored strips we have and glued it to the  handmade paper surface. 

We decided we would leave it as is. however, I felt the card looks a bit incomplete and I made a fringed flower, punched out some leaves. Cut out a butterfly picture. And I added the leaves and flower to the left of the heart. And I glued the butterfly pic to the right side of the card. I glued two tight circles to the bottom of the two wings and it stayed upwards. It looked great. But still I wanted to do something to the butterfly and applied some glitter to it. I punched out some tiny hearts and glued in a flying pattern. It looked gorgeous.

In the inside of the card, in the handmade paper heart I glued the first letters of Shabarish's friend and her boyfriend. Then I added tiny swirls that Shabarish has made and I added some more tiny cut out hearts.

When Shabarish returned from his break and had seen the card he found something interesting in the card and was very much impressed. Even I didn't notice that interesting thing. He showed me the 'U' pattern formed by the wings of the butterfly. So, the card became an "I ♥ U" card. His friend was very much happy and she is the first one who suggested me to prepare more such cards and sell it in some shops or outlets.

I love the creativity that happened with this card. And I am sure you would love the card too.

Thanks for visiting!

♥ ~ GG

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