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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Abstract Flower - a small Best Friend card - SW0016

Just tried to make something different and ended up with this flower.

This is a small greeting card.

(This is not the full front of the card. There is a slight projection to the right of it with tiny quilled heart.)

Size: 9.0cm x 10.5cm
Price: INR 75/-
Code: GC0016

Please email me at or
I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)

I thought of making a square flower and thus glued multiple quilling strips together and then formed a big circle. It was hard to press it from all four sides to form the square. I used some handmade paper strips to form the pattern in the left side of the flower. I love the tiny hearts.

Here is another angle of the card and the inside of the card:

I did not make an envelop but something of envelop type. All you do is just put the card inside and put the flaps from all 4 sides and then tie a ribbon around the envelop. Here's how it looks packed:

♥ ~ GG

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