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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A very simple CAS card - Generic / Love Card

Size: 20 cm x 10.5 cm

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Here's a simple card that I prepared with minimal quilling and more embellishments. I wanted to make a very simple card and I think I am successful in that. All I have used in this card is a piece of ribbon, Rhine-stones, droplet mirror chunky, punched out Maple leaves, Pattern paper, few pieces of card stock and 2 pieces of Red quilling strips, a punched border for the inside of the card, a stamp and stamping color. So, you can see it has minimal things used for it. However, the arrangement and the idea took a lot of time. Initially all I had is the heart and ribbon and the pattern paper. That's all. However, it was looking kind of dull and thus, I used the chunky, punches, Rhine-stones, stamping etc.

Here's is my card in detail:

I placed the heart first on the white-red-white card stock. And then used double sided foam tape to give it more dimension; it's not pasted directly on the ribbon.

Here's the inside of the card:

The two maple leaves inside the card look gorgeous!! Don't you think so??

I am in love with the quilled heart of the card because of how the quilling output came out.

I made an Envelobox for the card.

♥ ~ GG


Suchitra said...

Awesomee ...
Simple and beautiful ...

Sudha said...

So cute. LOve this.


GHAZALA said...

Amazing! This is extremely pretty!
So, here is the award for you

GHAZALA said...

Amazing! It is extremely pretty! Here is an award for you

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