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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Unique Happy Birthday card

Size: A5

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I am sure you remember my Happy Holi card. If you remember I had mentioned then that I would make a similar Happy Birthday card. I was lazy enough to make that of course and thus, this delay has happened. I also did a small stamping and colored it with my Pink and Green glitter pens. In my last card the "h o l i" were newspaper cutouts. However, this time I wrote "b' d a y" with my Silver glitter pen. Also, I have colored the border of the circles with Blue glitter pen.

Here's my "Happy b'day" card. I am sure you would like the card in detail.

Some details of the card:

The gift stamping cutout is applied to the card using double-sided foam tape.

Here's how the inside of the card looks like:

I was planning to buy one for it from outside, since the card is half of the A4 card size. However I prepared an Envelobox for the card.

Well, the card looks even more gorgeous in person than in the photos.

♥ ~ GG


Suchitra said...

wow... wow... wow ... wow ...
its unique ...

GHAZALA said...

wow lovely card! nice colour combination

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