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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mandala coloring - 1

I have been coloring a lot in past 2 months... Reason, well, I was bedridden due to a surgery I went through and there was nothing else I could entertain myself with. Sure, I spent most of my time reading books. Yet, when I got bored I started coloring. I bought a Mandala coloring book and started coloring it with the Camlin water brush pens I have. The results are good and it sure diverted my mind from the surgery recovery pain.

Here is one of those Mandalas post coloring:

Well, now that I remember I used some Faber Castell sketch pens too, especially for the lighter shades. Oh yeah, I also used glitter pens for those tiny circles.

The Gradiant effect is done using the water brush only... Well, I started loving those intricate design coloring... Will do more.

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