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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Quilled Calligraphy - "PARTH"

Well, it's been a long long long time I wrote anything on my blogs.

And I seem to be spending more time on FB than on Blogs... which is very bad actually.

Anyway... After a long time I had my hands on Quilled Calligraphy. I made a small one in 2010 December when I actually started learning Quilling and the calligraphy said "2011". It was a good attempt however, I had no idea how people do such minute work so beautifully. 

I tried searching tutorials about quilled calligraphy. I didn't get any video tutorials. I got one pictorial tutorial and it taught me about the right technique. I can't find that tutorial now though. Well, the lessons learnt then actually became very helpful when I tried this new project.

It took me 38 hours to design, create and get it framed. There were few tiring nights and hectic weekends which resulted in bad health as well. However, what kept me going is the deadline. The final result made me feel that the time spent was worthwhile.

The best thing I like about this creation is that I tried to make the spirals with that small bend at the center that usually happens when we use the quilling pen, and it was successful. That's also another reason why the design looks better.

Here's the final product...
SereneWaves Facebook page

Few more close ups you can see in another of my post:

Here's the link to my FB page where you can see all the detail pics.

Here's a link to my YouTube channel:

Hope you enjoy these creations.

My workspace... :)

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