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Friday, March 30, 2012

I love my new tools...

Things become very easy with professional tools. They save a lot of your time. Also, you feel satisfied with your work when it of best quality. That’s how I feel these days, as I now own a Cricut Paper Trimmer/Scoring tool, a Martha Stewart border punch, a self-healing cutting mat. I have other tools help me too like various other punches, embossing pad and embossing pen, some stamps, the quilling tools like the tweezers, quilling board, quilling pens, quilling comb, a small Fringer, fine tip Cutters, a crimper, a quilling coach etc. However, the trimmer, mat and the border punch have taken my work to a greater quality level. Somehow these have increased my confidence level. My wish list still has some more items to be bought. However, budget issues are restricting me to move further at this moment. Anyway, I am loving my tools as they increase my confidence that I will be able to fulfill my dreams.

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

♥ ~ GG

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Holi Card with Misting Technique

Finally, my card is ready. I even added some punched hearts to increase the beauty of the border. The words Happy and Holi look great after arranging. The letters that form the word 'holi' are newspaper cutouts. Well, no more talking. There's been enough of it in the sneak peaks 1 and 2.

So... Here you go:

Size: A5

E-mail me at

Sneak Peek 2 - of My New Card with Misting Technique

Yesterday had been very tiring. So many things were to be done and I did them optimally too. Y'day I set up the design and layout of my little sister's blog - "Switch Arts". She is not techie when it comes to HTML or web designing. But ask her anything about gadgets, machines and she would have the answer in seconds. So, here's her blog - Switch Arts. You must be wondering, "why the name Switch Arts?". Well, she said she is popular as Switch by her friends. They turned her name Suchitra to Switch

Anyway, I posted a sneak peak of whatever I could do of my Holi card in my busy schedule. Now, here's another sneak peak of what I have done with the items I created y'day. I am planning to use the Itsy Bitsy glittered punched letters

I also, prepared the layout of the card. Honestly, the card without the quilling and the embellishments looks cool itself. However, I am in love with quilling and how can I leave a piece without it! So... here, have a look at the sneak peek:

Thanks for visiting my post. I would update the full card picture by evening. I hope with the power cut going on Bangalore, I would be able to post it on time.

♥ ~ GG

Sneak Peek - of My New Card with Misting Technique

The day have been very tiring and busy. A lot of time I spent just reading blogs today. And then in my mind I have been wishing to participate in some blog challenges and CraftJC and ICR challenges are at the top list. I have been scanning my mind for some creative idea. Alas!! No luck from past few days. 

Today morning while watching the sunrise, I got it. The idea clicked; thought not so clear. However, I had a vague picture of what to do. Now, I had the idea but the ICR challenge seemed a bit tough, since they have asked for misting technique. Now, I don't have the water color with me at the moment. And honestly I don't have that patience to search for the stuff in the packing, since we have just shifted to our new house. So, that's the one that took a lot of time to sort out. 

I was preparing all the other items needed for my card, and suddenly I remembered my stamping inks. Eureka!! I got it. I got the idea and thus, used my stamping color pads, distressed stamping inks to make some patterned paper. It worked very well. So, I have got my misting done. 

My Misting Pattern Paper

And now comes to my favorite part - quilling. I decided I would use crimped strips to do some design. I have never used to crimped paper to form some shape earlier. So, it was first time. And I got my new quilling design done.

Now, came the card design part. I am working on it still. Also, have to decide how to place and where to place the 'Happy Holi' punch line. I am also planning to make a 'Happy B'day' card with similar design.

Here's a sneak peek to what I have done so far:

My Crimped Paper Quilling Design and other Items for the Card

I would post the finished card picture probably by tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading this post!!

♥ ~ GG

Monday, March 26, 2012

My First Quilled Frame Design

Ye-pee!! I finally completed my quilled frame design project. After gluing the elements, the design looks so beautiful. It looks even gorgeous with the dark pink card-stock. I first selected a light green card-stock. And then I thought I'll use a white shiny handmade card-stock. However I feel the dark pink card stock brings out the color of the flowers and leaves very well.

I even thought I will quill a bee or a butterfly. However, my mom loved the way it looks without them. I am happy with that. After all its her for whom I designed this project.

I would frame it soon. For framing, before starting the project, I scored the card half-inch from every side of the card-stock. I scored the card so that it would be easy to frame the design properly.

The work is done on an A4 size card stock.

Here's are some snaps of the frame design:

Vertical View
(Click on the image to view a larger version of it)
Code: SW0001FD

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sneak Peek - of My First Quilled Frame design

As informed earlier I am quilling a framed design for the first time and I have prepared all the items needed for it. However, finding a suitable design to inculcate the items is a big headache. This enables me to search in internet for a great design, however, couldn't find anything distinguishable. Finally I decided now it's time that I should take my pen and pencil to draw a design myself. and I have come up with several of designs. Now the difficult part which of the design to go with? And yes I am experimenting with some of the designs by simply placing the items in the card stock and playing probability statistics with these... :)

Here's a non-glued version of my design:

I am still working on the finalizing the design. Would post the picture of the final design, probably, tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

Hope you love the sneak peak!!

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time to read this post!

♥ ~ GG

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Tone Flowers

For a long time I have been planning to make a two tone flower. I was searching the internet for a tutorial of it, to learn some technique to make to perfect one. And I found this tutorial in My Quilling Soul023: Two Tones Flower. Beautifully shown. I love this tutorial and the pics. I have made some two flowers by following the instructions.

Here's a collage of the different angles of the flowers:

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

I am sure you like the flowers and would want to try some. Follow the tutorial and you sure would be able to make some beautiful ones.

♥ ~ GG

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Favorite - Anastasia's Signature Leaves

Anastasia's signature leaves are something that has fascinated me for a long time now. Every time I see Anastasia's creations the leaves are the one that attracts my attention first. And now I see a lot of quillers are inheriting that style of leaves in their creations too. I have been experimenting with the comb to create such leaves and failed to create a good one many times. However, with the failures comes success too and I am finally able to create some good quality leaves. Here's a collage of some snap of the leaves I have quilled.

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

I love the 4 tone leaves very much for it simply looks unique and gorgeous. In the 2 tone leaves there is a combo leaf too, in which the vein is light green but the center spine is dark green color. It looks great, though the collage could not capture it.

If you want to learn how to make them, then visit Anastasia's blog post here. Or you may also visit Pritesh's blog post here. She has done a very good video tutorial too. That would give a clear idea how to make the leaves.

Thanks for visiting the post!!

♥ ~ GG

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sneak Peek - a Customized Love Card for a Dear Friend

I am working on a customized order for a friend. She needed a love card and wanted no flowers but a big heart. 

I was planning to use beehiving technique however, it felt like its gonna take a bit more time than using swirls. Thus, I switched the idea to swirls. 

I have decided to make it colorful and am using a full red card stock to make a big card this time. I will use the concept of spirals for sure as I and my friends like that concept very much (LHGC). I would use some metallic or pearl strips this time. 

Rest of the idea I am still working on… 

Here’s a sneak peek of the card that I have made so far. Would post the complete picture once its ready and handed over to my friend. 

Keep watching… would post the picture as soon as it’s ready.

♥ ~ GG

Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 New Year Cards

These and many other similar cards I had made for the New Year 2012. I still have a couple of these left with me. These are very small cards that I made to present to my neighbors and friends. The flower is Malaysian flower prepared with a mix of graduated strips and plain strips. The background is printed paper with the new year messages. I love the use of spirals on these cards. I am sure you would love the design too.

Red Malaysian Flower with Butterfly - a Friendship Card

Size: 20.5 cm x 12.5 cm

E-mail me at

Violet-Orange Malaysian Flower with Punched Butterfly - a Friendship Card - SW0037


Size: A6
Price: INR 149/-
Code: GC0037

I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)

Pink-Sky Blue Malaysian with Fringed flower combined - a Friendship Card - SW0036

Size: A6

E-mail me at

Malaysian with Fringed flower combined and Punched Butterfly - 'For You'

Size: A6

E-mail me at

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blue Spiral Rose Bouquet - SW0034


Size: A6
Price: INR 149/-
Code: GC0034

I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)

Pink Flower with Red Bubbles - a Friendship card - SW0033


Size: 15.5cm x 13.5cm
Price: INR 139/-
Code: GC0033

Please email me at or
I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)

Pink Roses - a Friendship card - SW0032


Size: 14.0cm x 13.0cm
Price: INR 149/-
Code: GC0032

Please email me at or
I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)

Royal Flower with Punched Butterfly - SW0031


Size: 17.0cm x 9.5cm
Price: INR 249/-
Code: GC0042

Please email me at or
I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)

Creeper Plant with Butterfly - a Just For You card - SW0030


Size: A6
Price: INR 159/-
Code: GC0030

Please email me at or
I will let you know the details. Thank you! :)
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